Ensure product-market fit, access investment and scale your startup with an outsourced, expert team.

If you're a startup that's as focused on people and planet as profit, we're here to significantly improve your chances of success.

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Growth you can measure. Strategies you can trust.

From Seed to Series A, we've got you covered

Working with us adds crucial expertise to your team, dramatically increasing your chances of making it from Seed to Series A.

If you want:

  • To develop your product/market fit, validate your idea and get to market quickly
  • To attract investment from Angel and VC Impact Investors
  • To build and scale your startup from Seed to Series A with expert help
  • To operate without the overheads and commitments of hiring staff

Then you've found the right team.

We're not consultants. We don't tell you what to do - we do it with you. We're part of your team.

Once we get you to Series A, we'll even help you hire your own in-house team to replace us, managing the handover of all systems and knowledge and training your staff to pick up where we left off.


Read on below to see our vision.

Meet the Team

We're the first agency in the world to put what's called 'Doughnut Economics' at the very heart of what we do.

Huge improvements in sustainable finance, developments in technology and consumer demand mean that there has never been a better opportunity to change the economy for the better of people and planet.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for that new economy.

A Doughnut Economy.

A regenerative, circular economy filled with values-driven, purpose-led businesses, changing the world for the better.

And it all starts with your business doing extremely well.

We can help with that.

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Our Services

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Product Preparation

To help you get to market and attract Angel investment, we offer:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Value Journey Mapping
  • Product-Market Fit Strategy & Testing
  • Software Development
  • Pitch Deck Creation
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Design & Video Production
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We'll develop your proof of concept and scale you to Series A with the following services:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Reputation Management
  • Digital Advertising (Social & PPC)
  • Email nurturing & Automation
  • SEO
  • PR
  • Web Development
  • Creative Content Development
  • Marketing Analytics
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Now that you're at Series A, we'll help you to recruit your own in-house team:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Systems & Automations
  • Payroll, HR, Finance & Legal introductions

We help startups with impact to scale, prosper and change the world.

You're a Founder with a grant or pre-seed investment and you're bringing your amazing idea to life.

Now comes the hard bit. Turning what works on paper, into a real-life working business with real-life paying customers.

Waste too much time or money on the wrong thing and you'll starve your startup of the oxygen it needs to grow.

Neglect to craft your story or your product-market fit and even the best ideas will fail to attract customers or investment.

As the workload increases, unfilled gaps in your team's expertise can widen, making investors pass on your pitch in case you simply can't deliver on your promise.

It's a tough mountain to climb.

But what if you could find a team of experts who only work with startups like yours, that can offer bespoke support in exactly the areas where you need it most, saving you time and money validating your idea, helping you to secure investment and scale up your business?

All of a sudden your chances of making it from Seed to Series A go up dramatically.

A team you don't have to train, with no full-time contracts or overheads and that come with all the experience and industry contacts you need, right from the start.

A team that can fully understand your business, your purpose and your goals and work as hard as you to help you achieve them.

You can.

Welcome to The Doughnut Agency.

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"We can't imagine running our business without Doughnut - they're an integral part of our team and really easy to work with."

The Team

About Us
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Rob Harrison-Plastow

Founder & CEO
doughnut agency Becky

Becky Harrison-Plastow

Head of Research
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Craig Thomas

Head of Digital

Our Content

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